Quality Control in Asia

Simplify China is your partner in Asia to make quality control and inspections of all your products and orders

Since the beginning of production to loading the container, it is necessary to conduct inspections and quality control to avoid the costs of non-quality. Thus we can anticipate and prevent defects and errors, test specifications and quantities all in origin.

Quality control ands inspections in Asia

In Simplify China we offer an overall inspection service for quality control of your products, adapting to the characteristics of your product and your organization. Our own team will help you with the inspection plan if needed.

Perform inspections on the line when the first units are being finished and solve the faults in the initial phase of production. It is advisable to perform this inspection for new products or when modifications are included.

Arrange shipment inspections when all the production is completed. In this case random inspection are performed to goods by levels indicated in the regulation (AQL - Acceptable Quality Level) ANSI ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, ISO 2859. Thereby you will eliminate surprises in the specifications of the products that come to your warehouse, as well as packaging, labeling, quantities. It is advisable to perform them in each shipment, or at least alternately.

Finally, check with our team that your stock is loaded correctly in terms of units handling and models.

With inspections you can improve your buying in China and resto of Asia, greatly reducing the costs of non-quality, improving and optimizing your supply chain and your purchases in Asia, and keeping intact your image and your product´s, not only in terms of quality, but also in social responsibility.


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